Turn your available space into an Active Zone and use your body as the Active-Fit tool!

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School Programs


To us, itís simple, teach every child how to use their body as the Active-Fit tool.  Next show them how to take advantage of the available space (Active Zones) around them. Lastly, motivate them to love physical activity for a lifetime. To encourage success for children leading a more active and healthy lifestyle, Opt 2 Move provides schools with leadership tools to facilitate the process.


The Opt 2 Move school program will:

  Change the mindset related to exercising

      Place the same emphasis on exercise as on education

  Create well rounded indoor and outdoor Active Zones

  Teach children and adults how to exercise by using their

  Motivate both children and adults to Opt-in to a healthier


Now is the time for us to break the pattern of inactivity and build environments that encourage being an active body. The home and school environment strongly affect the behavior, health and well-being of children.



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