Turn your available space into an Active Zone and use your body as the Active-Fit tool!

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Opt 2 Move Active-fit System


Individuality or combined the Opt 2 Move Active-Fit System provides the powerful components to get children and adults active and living a healthier lifestyle.  


Indoor / Outdoor Walk-Fit system The Opt 2 Move Walk-Fit Courses (Indoor and Outdoor) are marked walk / jog courses used to empower adults and children to walk or jog. 


Indoor / Outdoor Active-Fit system The Opt 2 Move Indoor /Outdoor Active Fit Course combines’ fun full body exercises with in-place walking / marching stations or jog/run courses. 


Mini Pedestrian and Active-Fit Course The mini Opt 2 Move Indoor Pedestrian and Active Fit Course is great for workshops, conventions, corporate wellness and school field days. The components are finely tailored to meet the unique needs for each event, and can be setup permanently or temporarily.


90 Second Movement Breaks Incorporates regular movement breaks into the work and school day. Alleviate daily tension, improve physical health, get refocused, increase energy, self-confidence, reduce anxiety, stress and improve your mood


Urban Trek Climb the worlds tallest buildings, one flight or a sky scraper full, stair climbing is a grate way to burn calories, be active and reduce a buildings energy usage.


Opt 2 Eat Lifestyle nutrition is not about diet guides and meal plans it is about simple adjustment to set or change behavioral patterns. Once you better understand your relationship with food it is easy it is to make simple lifestyle nutritional changes.


Training and Support The right training, encouragement and support is what we all need to start and keep us committed to living an healthy, active fit, lifestyle.



















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