Turn your available space into an Active Zone and use your body as the Active-Fit tool!

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Active-Fit Program

The Active-Fit system makes it easy to get active and fit!


Active Bodyworks has designed the Active-Fit program, that allows participants to get a complete cardiovascular, strength, balance and flexibility workout in as little as 30 minutes. No need for fancy equipment, this system is built around easy-to-learn full body motions and the space around you.


Our methodology and system:

   Simultaneously uses more muscles

   Burns more calories

   Improves balance and flexibility

   Improves cardiovascular wellness 

   Works the core with every motion

   Can be used at all exercise levels


What's in our Active-Fit Program?

  A complete program outline

  Instructional photo cards of each exercise

   Easy-to-use guide to maximize your results

   Lifestyle nutrition guide 

   Optional Web site support



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