Turn your available space into an Active Zone and use your body as the Active-Fit tool!

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Delphiedan - est. 1981
Location: San Diego California
Contact Information: Send inquiries to our mailing address 1162 5th St NE Washington DC 20002

Delphiedan supports the growth of projects most critical to local communities around the nation. We are committed to investing time, expertise and resources that positively affect and make a difference in developing our nationís local communities.

We help keep that commitment every day by partnering with companies and organizations with the same vision. We support initiatives and programs that respond and are meaningful to each community priorities and need.


We concentrate our community support in several priority areas that support initiatives focused on:

  Renewable Energy (Conservation/Reusable/Climate Protection)

  Fitness and Active Lifestyles (Physical Fitness/Nutrition Education)

  Green Products and Community Educationon the Environment

  Youth Education (All forms of positive and empowering)

Founded in 1981, established in the U.S. as a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization. The Delphiedan works throughout the year with business plan priorities, tax requirements, and legal compliance approval by the Board of Directors.


Our community commitment is shared across our growing partnership system. As we move through the twenty first century our commitment grows stronger to empower people to make a change for the betterment of themselves their families and the environment



















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