Turn your available space into an Active Zone and use your body as the Active-Fit tool!

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Take a 90 Second Movement Break


90 Second Movement Breaks are short, dynamic movement breaks that get you up and moving. Reduce stress; relieve muscle tension and help you to refocus. To incorporate movement breaks into your day, try any or all of the Active Bodyworks Dynamic Motions or power-walk your way to the printer, water cooler, around the office, climb a few flights of stairs or get your dance on.


Seven 90 Second Movement Breaks will take about 11 minutes out of your day. Ask yourself: Is my well-being worth 11 minutes out of my day? If the answer is yes, start with 2 or 3 movement breaks and work your way up to a number that works for your schedule.  


When to Take a Movement Break:

You can incorporate movement breaks at any time: jumpstart your day when you arrive to the office; release tension after a long work session; or even as a reward for completing a task. Boost energy, get more engaged, and de-stress your mind and body.


Let us energize your convention, conferences or long meeting with Virtual or On-site Movement Breaks- Let our trained facilitator lead your group with a number of dynamic motions and supply your members with access to a digital database of motions they can continue on their own.  No meeting, indoors or outdoors is too small or too large.


           Side Reach:             Repeat for 90 Seconds


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Dynamic Hip Opener: Repeat for 90 Seconds